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Multicultural Business Project course, URAA008/HBIETENE, 5 ECTS credits (6 February–28 April 2017)

Do you want to be part of the multicultural and multidisciplinary team implementing a development project for a real client, practice your project and teamwork skills and network with students in other fields?


Multicultural Business Project is an elective professional course to learn to work in a project and implement this knowledge in practice. All students in international master’s degree programmes at the University of Jyväskylä and students in JAMK University of Applied Sciences who are looking for specialization studies can apply for the course. The course is primarily intended for foreign degree students. Preliminary information (recommendation): Intermediate studies in the major subject. Work load will be about 135 hours (approximately 12 hours per week, workload higher in the beginning of the course).


MBP course learning objectives

After completing the course, the student will be able to:
- Identify his/her competence in project-based and multicultural teamwork
- Know the principles of the project work

- Work as a member in a multicultural project group

- Set project goals, prepare a project plan, assess his/her time management and workloads, implement the project and present its results to the client and peer group
- Act in co-operation with the client.



The students’ teams and client companies will be selected at the start of the course. Each team will receive a preliminary client’s assignment that will be further specified together with the client. During the project, the team will provide the client with fresh information and new ideas from a multicultural viewpoint.

Implementing the client project includes:

- preparing and presenting the project plan
- intermediate reporting
- practical implementation of the client project
- preparing a final report on the project
- presenting the project results and output to the client and other students on the course.


Completion methods

-Advance online assignments relating to project work skills

- Participating introductory lectures providing introduction to teamwork and multiculturalism, and implementation of a development project for a client

-Active participation in the project work

-Preparing a presentation of the project for the client with the team

- Participating final seminar

- Preparing a personal learning report independently.  


The independently drawn up learning report assesses the development of one’s own competence, the work of one’s own team, and the achievement of the course’s intended learning outcomes. The learning report is drawn up after the client project has ended.

Required attendance rate: 80%. The introductory lectures and final seminar must be attended. The student must inform his/her team and its leader of all absences in advance. More detailed instructions on completing the course will be given at the start of the course.

Lecturers: Course Managers from JAMK and JYU, Coach Teachers from JAMK and JYU


Timetable of the course

- Project management online self-study material (before introductory lectures)

- Introductory lectures on Feb 6th-7th at 12.00-16.00 (compulsory attendance)

- Team working (team decides the timetable)

- Mid-term meeting (to be agreed)

- Teamwork presentation to the customer (to be agreed)

- Closing seminar on April 27th at 14.00-16.00 (compulsory attendance)


Application for the course

Application period has ended!

The student selection for the course depends on the client’s development projects and will be communicated on 20th January 2017. Course starts on 6th February.


NB: You should not register for the course yourself in Korppi or Asio. Students selected to the course will be added to the course in Korppi and Asio by course managers.


Further information: Career Specialist Muru Linjala, muru.linjala(at)jyu.fi




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