PointPotential.fi recruiting service will be closed for good at the end of 2017 (15th December). The closing decision is based on the low utilization rate of the service, as well as operational and financial aspects associated with the maintenance of the service. For companies offering work placements and internships, online forms can be found on the educational institutions websites.

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5 steps to get a job!


1. Write a personal cover letter and save your resume (cv) to this portal  

2. Market yourself and create networks

3. Learn Finnish and local manners

4. Remember hidden labour markets

5. Be positive


Tips for job seeking

Always keep your eye on job web sites

  • Some of the jobs are filled as rapid placements (application period < 7 days) 
  • Some of the jobs are filled without any official application period (the job will be filled immediately once a suitable person is found).

Put your application papers in order

  • Create a CV and keep it up to date. 
  • On the web, you can find good templates for writing a job application. 
  • Keep copies of your CV as well as of your study and work certificates ready. 
  • In your work application, focus above all on your skills, not on the courses you have completed – that is, the kinds of skills that you have acquired from your study and earlier work experience and that are important for the vacant job. 
  • Basic information for the application: study background and earlier work experience, as well as skills that are essential for the job and your personal attributes.

The employer might phone you before sending you an invitation for a job interview

  • Make sure you can be reached.
  • Keep in mind what vacancies you have already applied for, to be able to connect the person who phones you to the correct job: the job applied for and the selection criteria.
  • Prepare to fill in a job application on the web. More and more employers require that the filling of an application is done with the help of a ready-made application form: the application form determines the information that the employer lets you record and the amount of space that is reserved for recording that information.
  • Be prepared to attach copies of your study and job certificates, as well as your CV, to the application.

Pending job application

  • During recruitment, many employers go through their database of pending applications and send the information about the vacant job first to persons selected from there.

Prepare yourself carefully for the job interview

  • Find out, beforehand, both about the employer organization as well as any additional job-related information that could be found on the web: the website of the unit or the project, the news column of the organization's website, etc.
  • Prepare yourself beforehand for the job interview questions. On the web, you can find lists of the most common job interview questions. Consider beforehand especially how to link your message to those of your skills that are important from the viewpoint of the vacant job.

There are no useless applications

  • Job ads and notifications form part of the building of an employer's image. For this reason, their selection criteria may have been set harsher than what, in fact, is required of the applicant (e.g., requirements/expectations related to the earlier work experience). 
  • Even if you didn't get the job you applied for, it pays to remember that good applicants are kept in mind when new jobs are to be filled.









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