PointPotential.fi recruiting service will be closed for good at the end of 2017 (15th December). The closing decision is based on the low utilization rate of the service, as well as operational and financial aspects associated with the maintenance of the service. For companies offering work placements and internships, online forms can be found on the educational institutions websites.

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Privacy protection in the PointPotential.fi service

In connection with your registration and creation of your own profile, you give us some personal details, for example your name and address, which are processed electronically. You should keep in mind that anyone can go and read the job seeker's profiles recorded in the service. This is the reason why you shouldn't record any very confidential details in your job seeker's profile.The administrators of the PointPotential.fi service will not use your personal details for marketing or any other activity that is not part of the employment service. Please, get well acquainted with the personal file description before recording your personal details in the service.


Person file description

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